The Principal

The whole purpose of education is to play a crucial role in shaping a youth future. 

Not only does this include the provisions of education and ensuring learning but also molding the character morals and value system of the students. We strive to provide higher education that explores challenges and grooms every aspect of the students personality. While we are determined to provide learning targeted towards excellent academic performance through the incorporation of the latest teaching approaches be exploring us.

Our teachers are professionally equipped to develop adopt and modify curriculum content, through various assessment aspects. There was on unimaginable collaboration among all the stake holders in the field of education including administrator coordinators teachers and students for the transfer of knowledge in new ways.

At this time we all are focused on a effective educational practice for the capacity building of our students. At last, I will continue with the spirit of ethics a young minds with my full dedication to ever students with message to serve yourself with a happy and successful journey of learning !

Dr . Shikha Rastogi
( Principal )